Saturday, June 22: Mayne Stage

We are playing our first show in two years (almost to the day) at Mayne Stage in Rogers Park. 1328 W. Morse. Doors open at 6:30. Show is at 8:00. Gnuman will be starting the night. They are a Gary Numan cover band. We come the closest we’ve ever come to being a Gary Numan cover band on the “B” side of our new single which will be available at the show. (We’ve never come that close to being a Gary Numan cover band, though.)

(But really, that “B” side isn’t as far off as you might imagine.) Well, enough about Gary Numan. Let’s talk about you. What do YOU think about Gary Numan?

Don’t forget to remind me to tell you that it’s an all ages show.

Oh, and that we’ll be playing for 90 minutes, covering pretty much every year we’ve been around. But who’s counting?

I think the keyboard player for Gnuman is a dentist. But he also used to be in the band Men Without Hats.  
(I don’t believe those two things are mutually exclusive.)

Our new bass player is good. His name is Dante Kester. These people, who are also playing that night under the CHEER-ACCIDENT moniker, could also be considered good: Carmen Armillas, Charles Dudley Bayne III, Mike Hagedorn, Andrea Faught, Jeff Libersher, Cory Bengsten, Sacha Mullin, and Thymme Jones.

I hope you can be considered good. And there. On June 22. Saturday.

Okay. Time to run out of time!

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