Jeff Libersher- guitar, keyboards, bass, fake cello
Carmen Armillas- vocals
Thymme Jones- drums, trumpet, piano
Dante Kester- bass
Amelie Morgan- words
Mastered by Todd Rittmann

why outside
of a room with no door?
camera obscured
left in the hall
in the
sediment of evening
I killed you
while you watched

risk averse
to a shrouded sunburn
ethernet smile
while I dissolved
in the
ashes of the evening
I killed you
while you watched

choke me with mesh to smile on
restrain and embrace
lie down the stairs
blades of glasses
we never go outside
porch light is smoldering
your spite fence crumbling
I’m teething

rope me into the quiet
lights off, I’m bleeding
rinse out my mouth
burned-out and yet
not smoking family fire
where do the sleepers lie
lacerated goodbye
I’m leaving

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