Non-repeat Car Alarm

Talking Head 5/25/05 Baltimore, MD

Jeff Libersher-guitar, trumpet; Thymme Jones- drums, trumpet; Alex Perkolup- bass;
Andrea Faught- trumpet; Todd Rittmann- master of ceremonies; Eorl Scholl- videography
and suggestions

Baltimore is always an adventure. Our previous time in Baltimore
entailed getting five minutes into our set before a Skinhead riot
occurred: A smoke bomb went off, the doorman got brass knuckled,
the venue was evacuated, and the rest of the show was cancelled.
(We were first.) This time out was slightly less exciting, but maybe
just as fun! I mean, you can’t beat a car alarm pulse simultaneously
playing against our “non-repeating pattern.” It’s like patting your head
and rubbing your stomach at the same time!

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