¡Yowza! We’ve reached the point in time where it’s now possible to drag CHEER-ACCIDENT (kicking/screaming) into the realm of “earning a living.” You may commit this violent/abusive act by enlisting in the new “Members” site below, which costs $2, $4, $6, or $10 (your choice, based completely on what you can afford and/or what you choose to afford), and gets you a new/downloadable (highly exclusive) song every month as well as access to rare live video clips, a “Wild Card” segment (this could entail just about anything, so tread carefully), and a fellow named “Phrogclock.” (Payments are made conveniently, in fact downright automatically, via Paypal each month. You won’t feel a thing!)

— “Monsters,” the song that the magical and remarkable Dawn McCarthy
 recorded her vocals onto almost a year ago, is April’s Song Of The Month.
— The fourth and final installment of Phrogclock’s debut as an emcee.
No singing this time! (Awwwww…)
— Wild Card: 1998 interview with Thymme. Right when his career was
really taking off!
— Past Lives: CHEER-ACCIDENT opened for Shudder To Think on September 5, 2008
at The Park West in Chicago. Here’s a taste of what that evening was like…


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