¡Yowza! We’ve reached the point in time where it’s now possible to drag CHEER-ACCIDENT (kicking/screaming) into the realm of “earning a living.” You may commit this violent/abusive act by enlisting in the new “Members” site below, which costs $2, $4, $6, or $10 (your choice, based completely on what you can afford and/or what you choose to afford), and gets you a new/downloadable (highly exclusive) song every month as well as access to rare live video clips, a “Wild Card” segment (this could entail just about anything, so tread carefully), and a fellow named “Phrogclock.” (Payments are made conveniently, in fact downright automatically, via Paypal each month. You won’t feel a thing!)

— Song O’ July is our very first toon penned (and very sung) by
One Evelyn Davis!!! Perfect summer melodicism coupled with a
simple request: “I Don’t Want It Back.”

— More from that fateful 10/14/11 performance, wherein Phrogclock
discusses Turkey Powder, Space Glam and synthesizers.

— Wild Card: Sports Cheadle!

— Past Lives: For the first time, we are unleashing footage from our
Introducing Lemon release show back in September of ’03. This is
how the evening began (or tried to begin) at Abbey Pub.


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