Stopped Clocks

While it is true that the world of CHEER-ACCIDENT will continue its silent slumber for most if not all of 2012, a little something just came down the pike from a neighboring solar system to aurally keep you company in these quiet months: Downloadable now. Available physically (via this here website) in a month. And now a word from Pravda "We're Still A Record Label" Records: Stopped Clocks is a collaboration between Scot Ashley and Thymme Jones, two veterans of the Chicago music scene, or (to be more precise) of two completely separate Chicago music scenes: Scot has lent his deeply diverse guitar talents to such mainstream success stories as The Greg Kihn Band, Martha Reeves And The Vandellas, Louis Bellson, Jim Peterick, Enuff Z'nuff and The Platters, while Thymme has continually burrowed his way through the underground with the likes of U.S. Maple, Brise-Glace, Tony Conrad, Illusion Of Safety and Dead Rider, while remaining a (founding) member of the seminal art-pop band, CHEER-ACCIDENT. In Stopped Clocks' self-titled full-length debut, these two worlds converge in ways that are surprising yet somehow entirely natural. As it turns out, combining the pop sensibilities of, say, Cheap Trick with the more "outside" elements of '70s Miles, mid-'70s ECM, and Morton Feldman results in a wholly rewarding listening experience. Rounding out this veritable musical adventure are the inclusion of two Chicago luminaries: Bob Lizik (who's played with Brian Wilson and many others) and Chip Z'nuff were both gracious enough to provide their signature bass-playing styles to several songs on the recording, putting the finishing touches on this already-formidable undertaking. _______________________________________________________________________ To quickly add to that... For those of you familiar with the history of CHEER-ACCIDENT, you will already know that there was a band in the early '80s called Dot Dot Dot, and that that was where Chris Block (bass player on first three CHEER-AX albums) and Thymme first began playing together. This avant-rock/faux-jazz ensemble, which included Jef Bek on drums, was also where Thymme and Scot first began playing together. You will also recognize Scot as the performer of the classic guitar solo on "Facialization" from The Why Album, as well as the fade-in solo on "The Middle Age" from the second Variations On A Goddamn Old Man. Additionally, he co-wrote "Fat Dog's Gonna Hatch" from Dumb Ask and "Surviving A Methodology" from What Sequel? (The latter on which he played guitar.) So now, three decades after their first musical encounter, we have Stopped Clocks, the result of Scot and Thymme putting their heads (and hearts) together to create twelve new moody, rocking, hypnotic, and poignant tunes. Perhaps, given the vast amount of time that seemingly refused to pass, they should have called themselves "Calendars With The Pages All Stuck Together." Nah, that doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

3 Responses

  1. Corbis

    I’ve been listening to this so much I’ve probably heard it more than even Thymme or Scot. It’s good! Are there lyrics in the liner notes of physical copy maybe? I like them indeed. Chase the Summer Sun Down is my favorite break-up type song now. It’s worth getting for C-A listeners. Shtopped Clocksh.

    March 6, 2012 at 3:24 am

    • thymme

      Hey, thanks for giving Stopped Clocks some good listenage! I must confess that the physical release will not have any more lyrics written in it than did the virtual release; the words are meant to be heard and not read… But I’d be happy to enunciate anything you want enunciated.

      March 12, 2012 at 5:45 am

  2. Pig-Cork

    heard this once and liked it pretty much a lot.

    June 26, 2012 at 12:42 am

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