Rock Island, Illinois

Jack Sue Highway from CHEER-ACCIDENT on Vimeo.

6/13/05. Rock Island, IL. Just this side of the Illinois/Iowa border, at the Brew And View.
First we have Cheer and his pal, Accident, kicking the night off by heading up the Jack
Sue Highway, then they’re joined by Todd Rittmann for some improvisatory Hell, then
Alex Perkolup joins in on Serious Bass… and then Todd cuts a rug (after cutting up
the earthworm) for a segment of “Everyone’s Ugly Up Close.” Sorry about the occasional
glitch; our Sony Hi-8 camera was dying a slow death on this tour. Also, it’s very dimly
shot… but it’s totally worth it!

Alex Perkolup- bass
Todd Rittmann- guitar, singing
Jeff Libersher- guitar, singing
Thymme Jones- drums, singing

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