10/16/09. Reggie’s Chicago, IL

Reggie'sOct09B from CHEER-ACCIDENT on Vimeo.

10/16/09. Reggie’s. Chicago, IL.

Mike Hagedorn- trombone
Alex Perkolup- bass
Andrea Faught- synth, ersatz piano
D. Bayne- ersatz piano
Jeff Libersher- guitar, b-vox
Carmen Armillas- vocals
Thymme Jones- drums, b-vox, trumpet
Erik Lavergne- drums, almost guitar
Stacey Earley- stopping
Beth Yates- standing
My Damn Butterfly- dancing and exiting

This is the second excerpt from this Reggie’s show.
It features tiny bits from Done, Go Gone Green,
The Day After I Never Met You, Dismantling The
Berlin Waltz and Drag You Down… oh, and one
heckuva ride cymbal.

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