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I created an account but I can’t log in. What gives?
You need to verify your email address before your account can be activated. After entering your info and creating your account through our subscription page, you will receive an email asking you to verify your email. You must do this to activate your account.

I love the songs and videos from last month. Will the previous month’s content be up on the site forever?
Good question! As each new edition of our CHEER-ACCIDENT page goes up the first week of every month, we will take all of the previous month’s content (song, videos, photos, text, comments, everything) and put it in our Archive section. You can go in and browse, stream and watch any of the previous month’s content at any time, but can only download the current month’s song, as all previous months’ songs will be for streaming only, not download. So remember to download before the end of the month!

What is a FLAC file and how do I play it?
FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, an audio format similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. This is similar to how Zip works, except with FLAC you will get much better compression because it is designed specifically for audio, and you can play back compressed FLAC files in your favorite player (or your car or home stereo, see supported devices) just like you would an MP3 file. Learn more about it HERE.
And for a list of programs that support playing FLAC files, go HERE.

Why can’t I download the song from a previous month?
We would love to make all the songs downloadable, but that wouldn’t be fair to the loyal people who have been subscribers since the beginning. If all songs were available for download then anyone could pay $2 two years from now and get dozens of songs for the price of one.

I can’t seem to view any of the videos on the site. How do I fix that?
There can be a number of reasons for this. You may need to download and install the newest version of Adobe Flash. To do so, go HERE.
Another reason is that your browser doesn’t support this type of video playback. Try switching to a browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox which provides native H.264 support.
It is also possible that your internet connection isn’t fast enough. If the site is sluggish and taking a long time to load, this could be your problem. Contact your internet service provider to see how they can help you with this.

How do I do change my password?
To change your password, just go to the Login page and click on “My Profile” just below the sign in fields. You will be prompted to enter in your Log in info. Do so, and you will be taken to a page with your personal account info. About halfway down the page you will see a field that says “Password.” with a button to the right of it that says “Click to Change.” Click that and you will be given a chance to change your password to whatever you wish.

Sadly, I would like to cancel my subscription, how do I do this?
You will need to log in to your PayPal account to cancel or confirm cancellation of PayPal Subscriptions. Follow these steps:
1) Log into PayPal.
2) Click Profile.
3) On the Profile page, on left, click “My Money.”
4) On the right, find “My Preapproved payments,” and click its “Update” link.
5) The subscription will be shown under the “Merchant” column. Just click it to be taken to a page all about it, which includes a Cancel Subscription button at bottom.
6) To cancel, click the Cancel Subscription button.