Improvisatory Madness in St. Louis (2004)

CHEER-AX Radio Cherokee #1 (St. Louis 11/6/04) from CHEER-ACCIDENT on Vimeo.

11/6/04. Radio Cherokee. St. Louis, MO

Jeff Libersher- guitar
Darin Gray- bass
Todd Rittmann- guitar
Thymme Jones- drums

100% improvisation. There’s a funny story behind this one: On the way
to St. Louis (from Chicago, where Todd and Jeff and Thymme lived/live),
Todd was saying that he loved how Darin always had this perfect, pristine
sound on bass. “You can always tell that it’s him. Nobody else sounds like
that.” When we arrived, Darin was beaming, telling us how he had borrowed
a bass rig with a torn speaker. “You guys love that distorted bass sound, right?”

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