Fort Thunder

Well, this is getting convoluted! I think we may be losing the Phrogplot here… but let me put
it another way, a way that spins positive: What an amazing find I just made! I was sorting
through my bushel of microcassettes when I happened upon the one that documented
CHEER-ACCIDENT’s first trip Out East with the Dylan/Jamie/Jeff/Thymme incarnation, which
was coincidentally the one tour that our friend, Phrogclock, tagged along on. The tour
went down in November of 2000, BEFORE he was confined to his Phrogclockbox 24-7,
so he was able to walk around and interact with the band… and that’s what we have here.
This “interaction” (which consists of four or so minutes of Phrogclock reading from
some random book he found at the space they’d all slept in/played at the night
before, along with six minutes or so of the band aimlessly wandering around
improvising at said space) took place at a rather infamous Bohemian spot in
Providence. More about Said Space:

So, yes. There’s some context for ya. It should also be noted (and this is starting
to sound like it belongs more in the Past Lives section) that the show from the
night before has the distinction of being the only time that CHEER-ACCIDENT
ever got stale bagels thrown at them.

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