Final Week Of Lounge Ax, Part 1

Final Lounge Ax Show 1/7/00 (Part One) from CHEER-ACCIDENT on Vimeo.

1/7/00. Lounge Ax. Chicago, IL.

Jeff Libersher- guitar, voice
Dylan Posa- air organ, acoustic guitar, voice
Jamie Fillmore- guitar, voice, keyboard
Thymme Jones- voice, trumpet

Ah, Lounge Ax. We still miss you. There were many and varied convergences of love which occurred at this historical venue. In its final week of existence, there was a series of farewell concerts, of which this was one: This, our final Lounge Ax show, took place on January 7, 2000. It also happened to be our first concert after Phil had exited the planet, our first concert with Jamie Fillmore in the band. It really can’t be overstated what a special night this was. We were on a new path. A path that no longer included rock. More on that in other installments. This is the first.

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