elgin6494B from CHEER-ACCIDENT on Vimeo.

6/4/94. Elgin, IL Part II

The Butterfly Effect/Toasty/Grow/Fracture

Jeff Libersher- guitar
Phil Bonnet- guitar
Dan Forden- bass, voice
Thymme Jones- drums, voice

This is about nine months after last month’s “Past Lives” installment. Notice the difference in the band’s sound: Even with the overlapping material (“Grow”), you can hear that it’s a bit more aggro in this setting. Also revealed here is our first performance of “Fracture” by King Crimson. It’s a pretty “hungry” (read: sloppy and speedy) rendition, and certainly not short on feels. The drummer mysteriously adds an extra beat during “the bass moment,” but (let’s face it) that’s really how that part should go, anyway.

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