Elgin in ’94, one month before “Not A Food” was recorded

elgin6494one from CHEER-ACCIDENT on Vimeo.

6/4/94. Elgin, IL

Jeff Libersher- guitar
Dan Forden- bass
Phil Bonnet- guitar
Thymme Jones- drums

“Even Has A Half-Life” and “Ice Cream And Lies,” just one month
before going to Steve Albini’s house to record Not A Food.

Don’t remember name of this place. DO remember starting at 7:00pm or so,
and how weird it was ending while it was still light out. DO remember how nice
and warm it was outside. DO remember Thymme having to evacuate his building
in Edgewater (in Chicago) less than twelve hours after this show, due to a fire.

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  1. Billie :)

    ok, wow! ♥

    September 3, 2016 at 3:23 pm

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