Dragons b/w Kazoo And Drums! (2016, 7″)



Another summertime single! (Our third in seven years…) This thing
is half “art object” and half “odd occurrence.”

Art: Zack Wallenfang created the cover, which is definitely worth staring
at for many, many hours.

Occurrence: Somebody named “Grace Kulp” temporarily (we think)
took over the band and insinuated himself onto this recording by
singing and playing kazoo (and, well, writing the song). There’s a
pretty good chance that this will be the only song CHEER-AX will
ever record that’s about Dragons.

Confusing times! Expensive times, too, because we only made 100
of these, and they’re quite costly to manufacture. However, we can
still somehow guarantee that this precious piece of vinyl is worth it,
both aurally and visually.

7″, $15.00