Des Plaines, late December, 1995

December 30, 1995. Bog Theater. Des Plaines, IL from CHEER-ACCIDENT on Vimeo.

12/30/95. The Bog. Des Plaines, IL

Dylan Posa- bass
Maggie Posa- speech
Phil Bonnet- guitar
Jeff Libersher- guitar
Thymme Jones- drums, vocals

This was that fateful show when the lives of Eorl and CHEER-ACCIDENT converged, at an all-ages show at The Bog Theater in Des Plaines, IL. Eorl, a local mystery and Chicago treasure, is either someone you know, or someone you don’t believe really exists. However, if you happen to be in the latter category, I can assure you that he is upstairs sleeping on our living room chair at the time of this writing.

This show also introduced 13-year-old Maggie Posa (Dylan’s sister) to the masses, as she (finally, after demonstrating a profound case of microphone shyness for the first half hour) eloquently reveals her take on “soulmates.” You can also find her on the booklet inside “Not A Food.”

Oh, and the music? We have a ramped up “Small Word” excerpt, “Inevitable,” “The Butterfly Effect,” and… lastly… you are denied the opportunity to see Dylan do his Peter Emphysema routine for the second month in a row. (So head on over to last month’s archive for that. Or just know that there is where you can find it, in case you want to make sure to not find it.)

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