At Long Last: News

Three, in fact, chunks of news: 1. The CHEER-ACCIDENT horn section (and the Lovely Little Girls horn section and the Dead Rider horn section) will be horn sectioning for the illustrious Bobby Conn this Tuesday (that's March 26) for his final residency stintage at The Hideout. 1354 W. Wabansia. Be there by 9:00ish if ya would. 2. Another summertime single will be unleashed in two or three months. This will commemorate our 32 and a half years of existence. 3. Our recent lineup (this must be our 131st or so) has been busy working on lots of new music and lots of old music, which will be delivered to your ears in a real time fashion when we play at Mayne Stage on June 22. Show begins at 8:00 and is all ages.* More on that later, I'm sure. More on (I'm sure) this later, as well: We will be playing the Rock In Opposition festival on September 21 in Carmaux, France. Right before Univers Zero. So there's some ¡Yowza! (* This will commemorate our 26 years of playing live.) (I won't mention the barbecue, 'cause you'll either know about that or you won't.) Okay! Don't forget to write! Don't be a stranger! Have a nice summer! Sorry so sloppy!

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