Bottom Lounge, 06/15/05

CHEER-ACCIDENT Bottom Lounge 6/15/05 from CHEER-ACCIDENT on Vimeo.

6/15/05. Bottom Lounge. Chicago, IL

Alex Perkolup- bass
Eorl Scholl- drums
Todd Rittmann- guitar
Andrea Faught- trumpet, melodica
Jeff Libersher- guitar, trumpet
Thymme Jones- drums, trumpet, keyboards, vocals
Nils Frykdahl- pan flutes
Carla Kihlstedt- violin
Michael Mellender- baritone horn
Matthias Bossi- melodica
Dan Rathbun- homemade something-or-other

Some Salad, some Desert, then the Sleepytime folks come up to join us for some spliced Eggs. Sorry about the quality of the recording. And not sorry about the quality of the recording… BECAUSE THE ROCK PARTS SOUND TOTALLY BRUTAL!! And Jeff and Todd break the video at one point with their rocking.

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